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Choosing photographers and selecting a photo booth for your event can be confusing and frustrating. There are so many choices available, so many packages, services, and prices to compare. We will do our best to take the guesswork out of the process for you. Here are a few details that haven’t been covered on the other pages of our site.

How do I book your awesome photo booth?

Email us at [email protected] or send us a note on our Contact Page. We will draw up a contract with all the pertinent details for your event. With the signed contract, a 50% retainer will be due. The remaining balance is due within 2 weeks of the event.

Will you remind me of my balance due?

You bet! Two weeks out from your event we will follow up about your remaining balance, ensure your backdrop and print layout are chosen and completed, as well as contact the venue or event coordinator to verify the booth placement and load in instructions.

Cool, I'm in! How do I submit payment?

We can accept a variety of payment options including credit card, PayPal, QuickPay, VenMo, and checks.

What happens on the day of my event?

Our team will arrive on site to setup the photo booth about 60 minutes before the scheduled event start time. All equipment and lighting is pre-configured to minimize setup time and troubleshooting.

As your event nears the end of the scheduled time, we’ll check with you to see if you would like to extend the service. If not, gear will be packed and removed as quickly and quietly as possible to minimize distractions, unless arrangements have been made to maintain the booth setup until the end of the event.

How does the booth work?
Each setup includes a touch screen with a live view of yourselves of the session so your guests may see themselves posing and see their photos after they are shot. There is a timer on the screen which will have a countdown to the capture! Guests will have 9 seconds between photos to grab new props and strike a pose. Our attendants will direct guests for posing & props and verbally countdown as well to help ensure everyone is ready. Then the photos are instantly printed at the booth for everyone to take home.
Do I get a digital copy of my photos after the event?
Of course! We will edit all the photos and then post them to, an image hosting gallery. There, you can download all the hi-res images. Your guests can also download, share and reprint their strips or order enlargements, for a low cost, as well as create a variety of keepsakes from keychains, mugs, mousepads and more!
How much space is needed for the photo booth?
Each booth space requires about 8’x8’x8’ of space, within 30 feet of a power outlet. While the photo booth can be set up most anywhere, it is best located near a wall, ideally near a power outlet and especially on a flat, dry surface.
What kind of power do you need?
We require 120 volt, 3 prong outlets at 10-20 amps. To ensure there are no blown fuses or tripped circuits, it is best to ensure the photo booth is not on the same circuit as a DJ or other equipment with a large power draw. We wouldn’t want there to be any down time due to the power going down as a result of this occurrence.
Do you need a WifI connection?
WiFi is only necessary for social sharing stations or digital only services such as the Selfie Booth and Glyde. We provide our own Cellular HotSpots as most venue wifi connections block the ports which the sharing software only needs to connect. If the our cellular hotspots do not have signal and the venue WiFi does not allow connection to the Internet, e-mail will still work as it will queue the uploads until we have a connection again. Then you may upload to social channels once you receive your email.
If my event is outside, is a tent required? Will you provide one?

Tents are a necessary item for outdoor events. Our photo booths are full of sensitive electronics including computers, cameras, studio lighting and printers. The elements can wreak havoc on these things, which can bring your event to a halt. While we carry backup equipment, if elements damaged the initial piece of equipment, it is sure to do the same to the replacement. This is why we require tents for outdoor events to protect from dust, rain wind, etc. Additionally, sunlight can be troublesome for photos as it is the only lighting which can overpower the studio flashes, causing inconsistencies and overly brightened photos. If you do not have a tent already planned, we can provide a one for an additional charge to ensure things are safe and photos are consistent.

What type of camera and printer do you use?

With the exception of our Selfie & Glyde Booths, we use Canon DSLR cameras that produce high-quality 18 Megapixel photos. They can be reprinted up to poster size.

We use top-of-the-line, ultra-fast DNP Dye Sublimation printers. They produce water and smudge-proof prints. They have survived a dip in the ocean and a trip through the washing machine, so we are sure that a drink spill on a table will not damage your prints. Sticky kid fingers – no problem!

Did we mention that our printers a super speedy? About nine seconds – that’s all the time that it takes to produce a 4×6 print or two 2×6 photo strips. Most of the time, prints are ready when guests exit the booth. So there won’t be any need for them to return to retrieve their prints later.