Backdrop Options

We provide an extensive selection of standard backdrop options, including reversible sequins and patterned velvet, ensuring a perfect match for any event theme. Additionally, if you have a specific vision in mind, we offer the service of designing a custom backdrop tailored to your preferences for an additional fee.

Gold Glitz

Plum Glitz

Red Glitz

Silver Glitz backdrop

Silver Glitz

White Glitz

Royal Blue Glitz

Champagne Rosettte

Eggplant Rosette

Silver Rosette

White Rosette

Fuchsia Rosette

Velvet Head Trip in Blue

Velvet Kalidescope in Creme and Black

Velvet Muse in Cream Black

Cloudy Gray

Halloween Spiders

Holiday Ornaments

Holiday Snowflakes

Eggplant Petals

Champagne Petals

Black & White Damask

Saved by the Bell

Rustic Wood Tension Fabric


Reversible Sequins

Reversible sequins are incredibly popular right now! They allow your guests to create their own custom backdrops with every photo, adding a fun and interactive element to your event. Enjoy the creativity and laughter as you see the unique designs your guests come up with!


Tuxedo Reversible Sequin

Diamond Reversible Sequin

Vegas Reversible Sequin

Custom Backdrops

Can’t find something that meets your needs? Want to feature your logo, slogan, or another image in all of your photos? We can assist you in creating a custom tension fabric backdrop tailored to your specifications!